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The water-energy-food security nexus : towards a practical planning and decision-support framework for landscape investment and risk management / Livia Bizikova... (et al.)
Peatland mining in Manitoba's Interlake : cumulative impacts analysis with focus on potential nutrient loading and greenhouse gas emissions : interim report / Kyle Swystun ... [et al.].
Education for sustainable development at Manitoba colleges and universities : results from an institution-wide survey and president interviews across Manitoba's 11 institutions of higher education / Gabriel A. Huppé, Heather Creech, Carolee Buckler.
Understanding needs, meeting demands : a user-oriented analysis of online knowledge brokering platforms for climate change and development / Anne Hammill, Blane Harvey, Daniella Echeverria.
Performance improvement and assessment of collaboration : starting points for networks and communities of practice / Heather Creech ... [et al.].
Measuring the performance and impact of community indicators systems : insights on frameworks and examples of key performance indicators / Bobbie Macdonald ... [et al.] ; prepared for Peg: a community indicator system for Winnipeg.
ICTs, the internet and sustainability : where next? / David Souter, Don MacLean.
IISD's contributions to the United Nations Internet Governance Forum : workshop reports, 2008 to 2011 / compiled by Heather Creech.
Procurement, innovation and green growth : the story continues ...
Energy-intensive industries : decision making for a low-carbon future : the case of steel / Peter Wooders.

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