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Winnipeg street census 2015 : final report / authors Christina Maes Nino, Maria Godoy.
Options for increasing the incomes of Manitoba EIA participants : proposal for discussion : July 2014 (revised) / Marianne Cerilli, community animator, Social Planning Council and Harvey Stevens, policy and evaluation consultant.
Income inequality, affects and effects! : Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, background note.
Growing opportunities, shrinking options : implications in the growth, retention and integration of immigrants locating in Winnipeg / a research project of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg.
Building healthy organizations : a practical approach for managers and workers / by N. Sue Bruning.
Position paper : connecting the new deal to social development / the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg.
Poverty barometer / Social Planning Council of Winnipeg.
Findings of the youth engagement project : youth views on community partnerships / Monica Dominguez, Vincent Fielding and Misty Perreault.
Child poverty in Manitoba : toward an agenda for action.
Tools in the hands of communities : planning and working at the neighbourhood level / Tuula Heinonen, researcher and Jennifer Nguyen, research assistant.

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